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Cecilia Bolocco - Latest Video Release

Cecilia Bolocco

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Dear friends, meanwhile story and farandulero program that there is nowadays in the opened TV, I remembered of of our “national divas” that by the end of became the years `extremely famous 80s, I talk about Cecilia Bolocco, who I create marked an important landmark in which beauty queens talk about in Chile.
I am the Shock, and this one is my corner.

Year 1987 ran, and if my memory serves me right in the mythical program “Tuesday 13” that was the stellar one of category that was in Chile in those years, transmitted by Canal 13, in the schedule “top” of that time, that is to say, to 21:30 hrs, in which university young women participated, who disputed the Sceptre of Miss Chile for my Universe. Cecilia was chosen Miss Chile for Universal Miss the 20 of April of the 87.

In those days it was almost always common to see in family these contests although for some they were boring (mainly when we are young) nevertheless, he saw them with my parents in ours never weighed IRT Trinitron in colors well.
That year was in the month of May of 1987, more indeed day 26, in the World Trade Center de Singapur, that while they showed the preselected ones and the final selected ones always appeared “our representative”. Within the remembered moments more it will be the interview that it had with the entertainer of the event, Bob Barker, where literally put it to the pocket.

When finally when I see the preaching where the 5 finalists and memory have left the puntaje that gave her and that it appeared in screen, I said aloud, Ganó the Chilean, gained the Chilean!
Obvious my family ignored my declarations, since he were a boy and she did not have right to voice, nor vote, clear that soon they opened to the averages pepas to them when they saw that indeed she (Cecilia) had gained the contest.

The direction of the contest determines that it must live in Los Angeles, CA. in order to fulfill its reign of a year. And it returns to visit Chile in the month of August.

Soon year 1988, Channel 7 contracts Co-to animate it the program “So that today it is Saturday” next to Caesar Antonio Santis.
Others are not saying that this program was mess and lasted less than I sneeze of cat.
On the other hand Canal 13, contracts Co-to animate it “Tuesday 13” next to one of the most important entertainers of the time, I talk about to Javier Miranda.

Nor to speak of its wedding to the purest style of “royalty” with national cover of TV and was made in the Cousiño Palace, with big drums and subjects of gossip, with the TV producer Michael Young, were March of 1990.
Later dumb to Miami, with the purpose of working like woman anchor of Cnn in Spanish. Like forgetting that soon we saw it carrying out Central American comedies, personifying to the mythical Morelia in the Mexican teleserie, of he himself name.

In east aim event, is one of the most remembered of the Chilean televising culture of `80s, hoping that it has made them back down in the time, takes leave the SHOCK

I have leido commentary by commentary in this page and have reached the conclusion that is a great one I number of people who defend CECILIA and I number under readers and viewers of cheap programs that our declining TV offers! ….for that reason I see the cable.
Tb gives to laughter the panelistas of these same programs and the parasitic publication journalists me in the form that make fun of and label with the finger., I ask that pasaria if pusieramos paparazzi in the life of each one of them? , I ask myself are continued laughing of the others.
Cecilia Bolocco him has not made dano to anybody, here this profiting with his deprived life, the private life that we have each one of us and who we kept like bone santo, there are laws nor no rules to live the privacy but deberia to be punished to all that that she tries to inmiscuir itself.
I make fun of of the hypocrites who have written in this page about Cecilia, I make fun of and I twist of the laughter by the baseness to enter and to give classes of moral in an inferior vocabulary, God frees of the scandal and verguenza own since nobody but NOBODY this safe to fall someday.

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